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Any type of vehicle. If you're having a problem getting it taxed, send me the details
and I will get it sorted for you!

One-Off Tax (6/12m)

If you just need a one-off 6 or 12 months tax applying to your vehicle..

to 07446 888 385

Direct Debit Setup

If you're looking for a recurring direct debit set up, fill in our simple online form

How it Works

Got an issue taxing your vehicle? I can sort it.

👍No V5? - 👍Old V5? - 👍No MOT?

👍No Logbook? - 👍NO PROBLEM!

Any Type of Vehicle
🚗Cars, 🚚Vans, 🏍️Motorbikes, 🚛Lorries

🚧Plant, 🛵Scooters/Quads, 🔧Category Cars


1) Send in your details (online or via text)

2) I'll send you a price (DVLA cost + fee)

3) Transfer the payment

4) I'll get it taxed

All tax is done through legitimate DVLA channels. Vehicle will be legally taxed once you've received confirmation, but sites can take 3-5 working days to show.

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 - Hundreds of happy customers - see our testimonials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Other people are offering discounted or half-price...

Car tax is managed by the government. The government don't offer discounts!

Anyone offering you discounted road tax is a scammer.

We genuinely tax your vehicle with the DVLA. We charge you the cost of taxing the vehicle plus a small service fee for our time.

You're welcome to try any discounted options, but expect to get pulled!

How long does it take?

We work 7 days a week, including bank holidays. If you send us your REG, MAKE and MODEL in a text message, we can usually turn it around same day.

We'll send you confirmation straight away, but it often takes a couple of days for the vehicle to show up as taxed on the government websites.

What about...?

I know everyone's situation is unique, but genuinely the answer to most questions is "yes, I can get it taxed for you".

If you have a question, feel free to get in touch, but honestly the best way to get sorted as quickly as possible is to just send in your details so I can look up your vehicle and get you a price.

Customer Testimonials

"Not having to wait 6 week for a log book to turn up so you can tax a
salvage vehicle. Man's a legend. He’s done me 15+ vehicles now"

Steve - Facebook

"I have known Martin 20 years, this man is the tax man"

AutoWorks Leeds - Facebook

"Let’s be honest, everyone uses Martin.
Because he’s the one that gets the job done.
Taxed same day, end of. Geeza is a legend 💪💪"

Reuben - Facebook

"Top man Martin, used him many a times and usually gives
his number out to customers who buy salvage cars off us
so they can tax and get on road ASAP"

Maj - Facebook

"As a car dealer we always get stuck on taxing cars.
Some cars have disabled class so we can’t tax.
Sometimes we don’t have documents and unable to tax
and sometimes documents numbers just don’t work.
Highly recommend been using his service for last 3 years"

Dan - Facebook

7 Days a week (including bank holidays)

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